zumba coverart

Let’s face it, we wish everything was as energizing as Zumba Fitness. Part of Zumba’s success is their music selection. It’s infused with everything from Bollywood to salsa, tango to today’s chart hits. The minute the music starts playing in class, you feel the rush. With the release of Zumba Fitness’ Dance Party soundtrack, the good vibes don’t have to end when you leave the gym–or your living room if you have the Exhilarate DVD set.

To this day, when I buy a soundtrack I worry about getting the bang for my buck. I fall in love with one song off of a movie or show and track it down. Whether it be from the artists’ album or the compilation from the picture, there’s always the risk of only liking that one song.

Put those fears to bay. I mean, you have Carly Rae Jepsen, Lady Gaga and LMFAO mixed with Zumba Fitness’ best mixes. Of course there’s “Caipirnha” which you will instantly recognize from the Exhilaration DVD, but I also loved “Mi Vecina.” It made me want to be on the beach, in the sun, goofing around with my friends and family.

Pop this in your car on a rainy day and you can’t help but smile.

You can purchase the CD online, click here to find out more. Find a live Zumba class near you by clicking here!