We all know that today’s youth is not as active as they were back in the day. I heard on the radio that in the year 2030, 40% of the population will be obese. When I was a child in the 1970s, I spent my entire summer in roller skates. I was pretty much a “Tootie” from Facts of Life.  I would put my skates on in the morning and skate all day.  I would put on the radio and skate around my driveway which was a nice, rectangle shaped roller rink. Many songs from the 70s remind me of those carefree skating days. Because the skates were pretty much an extension of me, I was very comfortable skating around- a relaxed and carefree skater.  As an adult, I purchased inline skates and would manage to use them a few times a year pre-children. I still prefer the four-wheeled skates of my youth. I felt more secure in them. With the inline skates, I had elbow pads and knee pads and always felt a bit stiff in them.  I still manage to break them out once or twice a summer, significantly less than my younger days.

My 8 year old son asked Santa for roller skates- not inline. He loves to skate just like me.  Most days he will put them on and skate around the driveway and sidewalks. I’ve taken him to skating rinks a few times and thoroughly enjoy the time with him.  Like me, he can skate for hours without a break.  I love to feel the wind in my hair and listen to the music.  Although I prefer to skate to 70s and 80s music of my youth, I still enjoy it.  I think if I was a billionaire I would build a skating rink in my house and enjoy the calming freedom of skating every day.  I am not a billionaire and do not expect to be any time soon. Therefore I need to make the time to skate. As a blissfully busy mom it isn’t easy. I can always list twenty things I need to do each day.  For my 41st birthday, I managed to gather three elementary school friends and one high school friend to meet me at the adult skate at a rink we used to love to visit. It was such an awesome time to catch up and reminisce about our youthful days skating.  Not only is it fun, it is a good workout. After three hours of skating, my butt and thighs were singing. I know I got a great workout that night. I have a date to take my son to a nearby rink soon. I can’t wait.