I had the honor of attending and judging The WBFF California Championships this past weekend.  I loved every minute of it!  I got to hang around some of the most inspiring and fit people in the fitness industry.  Chady Dunmore, 2x Bikini World Champ and fitness model who has graced the cover of several magazines, was the promoter of the first ever WBFF show in California.  This woman truly is one of my inspirations and mentors.  She is not only beautiful and fit, but smart, driven, and really nice!  I have also met several other women through competing in The WBFF.  I got to hang out with them all weekend and make new, crazy memories. I made lots of new friends, as well.  We definitely had a lot of laughs and good times.  It was a nice break for most of us, since we are all prepping for The World Championships in Toronto, August 24th and 25th.  It is nice to be surrounded with like minded, goal oriented, and fitness focused people.

I traveled to California with one of my friends/clients.  She is a mother of 4, grandmother of 2, and works full time, but she still finds the time to eat right and work out.  She has also competed, but this was the first time to witness the “production” of  The WBFF.  She was impressed to say the least! We stayed with her family who lives on a farm near the venue.  I truly felt like I was at home, just like my small town and farm where I grew up.  They made me feel so welcome and at home.  It is so wonderful to find truly friendly people in this world…..and, OH MY, the fresh veggies and smoked tri-tip were to die for.  Thank you Robbi for opening your family home to me.

The competition was fierce and it was difficult to judge, but I honestly loved it.  When the winners received their pro cards,  you could just see the joy and pride beaming from their face. It made me feel good to be a part of making their dream come true.  It sucks when some are disappointed at not getting that pro card, but I just want everyone to know, I’ve been there. It does sting a little to not be crowned “the winner”,  but seriously, all the competitors were absolutely gorgeous.  It just boils down to who was “on” that day.  Everyone is amazing and should keep striving for pro status, if it is something they truly want.  It took me 4 times, but I never gave up, so neither should you! 🙂  Allison Dillet, WBFF Executive VP, was head of the judging panel, and let me tell you, she is another amazing woman, fit mom, and business savvy young lady.  What she and her husband Paul have done for the fitness industry is beyond belief.  They treat all the athletes with such dignity and respect.  I am so honored to be a Pro among this organization.

And last but not least, a shout out to my California fitness friends that will be lifelong friends, long after the competing is done!! Chady Dunmore, Alisa Kress, Jen Jewel, Neda Iranpour, Natalie Lerma, Amandanda Pearlman, and Jenny Phantharath.  Glad I was able to be a part of Sunday Funday!!   I love you girls and you make my heart happy. You are all beautiful and inspiring in your own unique ways.  You’re amazing just the way you are, and never forget it!!!