Are you guilty of it? You get a call from your child’s teacher, she has a not so great report of something little Jonny did at school. Dad arrives home from work and you immediately start in with, “Do you know what YOUR son did today?” Same thing can go the other way. Your precious little girl spills an entire bottle of finger nail polish on the family couch. “YOUR daughter just ruined our couch!”

Have you ever heard a parent say, “YOUR daughter won best of show in the photography contest!” or “YOUR son had perfect attendance at school this year?”

Why is it that they are “our” children when doing great things, but when they make poor choices they are “YOUR” children?” I am extremely guilty of this! Personally, I think it is a way to vent. I don’t always do it to vent, but the more I think about it I do feel a little guilty for how much I do it. It isn’t like I am trying to tell my husband that they got all of the “naughty” genes from him (well maybe I am, most of them probably came from him, right?)

In all honesty, I think I do need to be a little more conscious of saying this, because as the spouse on the receiving end all of the time it probably doesn’t feel the best. My goal this week is that when my husband arrives home from work I am going to tell him all of the neat things “our” children did during the day, good and bad.

Have you ever said this about your children? Would it hurt you if you constantly heard about what “YOUR” children did?