Gluten Free is a term that we hear more often now than we did ten years ago. It’s reported 1 in 133 Americans have an intolerance or allergy to gluten, and are diagnosed with celiac disease. If you are one of these Americans, fret not– I have your gluten free starter guide right here.

  1. Try experimenting with the gluten free pastas and breadsĀ in its respective section at your local grocery or health food store, such as Whole Foods. My local grocery store carries many gluten free options including various snacks and cookies. Yum!
  2. Be sure to check out the frozen foods section as well. There are frozen meal options available that are labeled gluten free, that you can get at most grocery and health food stores where they carry vegetarian and vegan options as well. These pre-made frozen meals are great for moms that work and moms that may not have time to cook and prepare a gluten free meal. (Most of us!)
  3. Aside from foods that are specifically labeled gluten free and are alternative versions to pasta and breads, there are many other foods that are just naturally gluten free and good for you. Not to mention, gluten-free diets areĀ easier on your digestive systems!
  4. Fresh fruits and vegetables are gluten free and your best bet for snacks and sides. Lean and unprocessed meats are also gluten free. Regardless if you are intolerant to gluten, you should be consuming mostly fruits, vegetables and lean proteins in your diet. Most yogurts and cheeses are also gluten free.
  5. The “Paleo” Diet is also a great way to eat, not be hungry, and be healthy. It is more of a lifestyle than a diet, actually. I recommend doing some basic Internet research on this diet and try it out for a couple of weeks! This diet eliminates all grains and processed foods, including anything with white flour. Trust me, no one is going to miss out by not eating products with white flour! In fact, you actually may be missing some pounds instead!

Good luck Gluten-Free Mamas!

Featured Image Credit: glutenfreecooking.about.com