Hey let’s face it, even the most darling of divas have bad days. No matter how hot the outfit or how amazing the event, the slightest wardrobe malfunction can be an absolute disaster. So try these tips to avoiding and solving women’s most common fashion problems.

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Hello panty line… No matter how amazing that skirt looks, the entire illusion of perfection will be ruined if your panty line is taking center stage. To remedy the issue, remember to wear panties that fit and do not have tight elastic. Try one of the seamless panties from Jockey or opt for a thong. Also remember to match your panty color to the color of your clothing item or at the very least opt for nude colored. Hot pink panties may be sexy in the bedroom, but trust us, the whole world does not need to see them.

Nice bra straps… Unless you are hoping to make one of the many “People of Wal-Mart” chain emails passed around by your friends, make sure you are always wearing the right bra for your outfit. Victoria’s Secret has a lovely line of bras that have removable straps and can be worn strapless, as a halter or even as a one strap bra. Again color is important, so if you are wearing a white tank top certainly a bright red bra will not do. Sure, we all remember episodes of Sex and the City when Carrie purposely sported her bra straps but for the love of God (and fashion) ladies, let’s not make a real life habit of this.

Hello girls… Wearing a low cut top or dress can be insanely sexy; however, a low cut top or dress that is not properly secured can leave you feeling over exposed. If you’re lucky enough to go commando while wearing these items, hats off to you. However, you will still require some assistance from garment tape to keep the girls under control. Try Hollywood Fashion Tapeto avoid low cut disasters. It’s garment tape that’s discreet enough to be used with the most revealing of outfits but strong enough to hold up all night.

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Bye-bye lumps and bumps… Even the most well built of women can have trouble looking flawless in today’s fashion. From bulging tummies to back fat, the slightest lump or bump can completely ruin a gorgeous look. Celebrities have known the secret to smoothness for years and that secret can be summarized in one word, SPANX! Whether you need your breasts lifted, you tummy tucked, your thighs slimmed or an entire body contraption, Spanx has it all. Each undergarment is virtually seamless and offers full support to make your body look its absolute best. If you’re hoping to sport a fitted dress in the near future, don’t even think about slipping into it without some Spanx.

So there you have it ladies, your fashion faux-pas revealed and solved. Now get your game face on, stock up on these little fashion saviors and show us some sexy!


Sian Bitner-Kearney