Alright, Moms, there comes a time in all of our lives when we have to figure out how to show our appreciation for those men of ours in a thoughtful and clever fashion, because, let’s face it, despite the fact that they “can’t hear” us during the big game, or leave a trail of pizza crumbs on the freshly-vacuumed carpet, the guys can bring laughter and energy into our exhausting lives. And, let’s be honest, most of them do help out a lot! So whether you have a brother, a father, a husband, or any branch of a male friend, this guide will help you to show your appreciation without being cliché or repetitious, and as an additional perk, it will pressure them to give you something just as fantastic for your next birthday, anniversary, or holiday!

When it comes to buying gifts for men (I can already hear the groaning now), you may find yourself in a bit of a dilemma. My personal theory is that this is because we women have a natural gift of being easy to please, while men are a bit more stubborn. They tell you “I don’t need anything,” whenever you ask them what they might want. This is obviously a trick, though, because they know that we will struggle, panic, and run around town blindly looking for the perfect gift. Well, ladies, look no further! We have compiled a list of great gifts that men actually want! With Father’s Day right around the corner, it’s your last-minute creative hotspot for your Dad or husband, to show your appreciation for their great jobs at being dads, for now and years to come.

The Bookworm: E-Readers are trendy, practical, and the new big seller in today’s literary world. Popular brands include the Amazon Kindle, Borders Kobo, and the Barnes and Noble Nook. Great for travel and cost effective for the big readers out there, he’ll be sure to love the possibilities that the E-Book provides.
Classy Cocktails: There are such clever contraptions for drinking your favorite beverages in style. Stone ice cubes quite literally ensure that your drink is on the rocks, keeping it cool and preventing it from watering down the drink like normal ice cubes. If he’s more inclined to drink beer, get him a few nice beer glasses. Or, if he’s not into the décor, you can simply pick up a nice bottle of wine or scotch, and he will be guaranteed to love it.
Current and Trendy: A magazine subscription is a great gift because it literally is the gift that keeps on giving, one month or so at a time! Recommended magazines for men include Sports Illustrated and Time Magazine, but there are so many that you can choose from that personally fit your man’s unique interests and passions. There are magazines about fishing, golf, entertainment, politics, video games… Something to strike anyone’s fancy.
Green Guys: One of the neatest gifts that you can give is a tree. Planted outside where you can watch it grow, it can remind your man of the nurturing relationship that you and your children share with him. Even if he’s not the sensitive type, trees are always a great addition to a yard, and it can be an exciting and educational experience for the kids to help Dad or Grandpa to plant and take care of it.
Takin’ It Easy: Get him a hammock where he can relax in the summer shade after a hard day. There is nothing better than lounging (and cuddling) in the great outdoors with the ones that you love.
High Tech: As always, electronics are a hot buy. Guys love fiddling around with their gizmos and gadgets, and there always seems to be something new and exciting on the market to capture a man’s interest. Blu-Ray DVD players, GPS, and anything IPOD seem to be the big hits this year. Let’s face it…You can never be too old for new toys!
Sporty: Buy him a round of golf, tickets to his favorite team’s game, or a trip canoeing or hiking. Guys love the gift of experience, and the thrill will keep them going for weeks!

What great gifts have you given that your dad or husband just loved? Comment your great gift ideas, ladies, and help us out!