• “Me time” is found between the buttpaste and milk at the grocery store.
  • Spraying febreze is an effective means of cleaning the house!
  • A nutrigrain bar found at the bottom of your diaper bag is a sufficient lunch.  Hey, atleast you got to eat today!!
  • Dirty laundry just appears magically in your basket!
  • You find joy in kissing feet….the tiny cute one’s that is!
  • You can carry on a perfectly good conversation through ear piecing screams and cries!
  • The expression “springing a leak” holds an entirely new meaning for you.
  • You can’t remember the last time you showered.
  • You can smell “poo” a mile away.
  • Three hours of continual sleep is a triumph!
  • You can’t define what that stain is on the front of your button up.
  • You realize you are watching cartoons, and the kids aren’t even around! (I vividly remember laying in bed watching Ni-Hao in it’s entirety before realizing I could watch whatever I wanted to!)

Being a mom comes with a lot of “life’s moments”, but the most amazing part of it all is the joy to love unconditionally!

What are your personal “You Know You’re a Mom When…” moments. We’d LOVE to hear them!