Maybe you’ve heard this saying before, and maybe you haven’t, either way it is time to start believing in it! There are so many benefits that can come from simply believing in yourself and what you can achieve.  Take a few minutes to learn about how having high self-efficacy can change your life and allow you to accomplish whatever it is you desire.

Self-efficacy can be defined as a person’s belief in their own capability and ability to perform various tasks and to achieve certain goals they have set for themselves or others have set for them. People with higher levels of self-efficacy are more likely to take risks, have higher self-confidence and be more resilient as they tend to bounce back from failed attempts or letdowns. Some of the benefits that people with high levels of self-efficacy see in their lives include:

  • Making better life choices
  • Having more motivation
  • Functioning with much higher quality while performing tasks
  • Having a lower risk of experiencing stress and/or depression
  • Being better able to implement plans
  • Working more effectively when under pressure

So as you can see, having high self-efficacy, or simply believing in your own abilities, plays a big role in accomplishing your goals. These beliefs have been proven to be able to alter the motivational, human cognitive and decision making processes of the brain. This means that if you are faced with a challenge, you would be more likely to just avoid it if you think you wouldn’t be able to complete it. So, that also means that if you had that belief in yourself and your abilities, you’d be much more likely to try it and even accomplish it. And, the bonus is that even if you fail, you’re much more likely to bounce back quickly and not be afraid to try it again.

While not all of us have been lucky enough to grow up with a high level of self-efficacy, there are ways you can begin to develop it and use it to achieve more of your goals, become more fearless and enjoy your life in so many more ways.

Here are a few tips that can help you begin to develop your own high level of self-efficacy:

  • Create a positive perception of your relationship with the environment in which your goal exists
  • Create a positive image in your mind of yourself successful achieving your goal.
  • Remove any negative thoughts and replace them with positives (“I can” instead of “I can’t”)
  • Make detailed plans for any goal you want to accomplish, and start with baby steps if you have to
  • Observe others accomplishing goals that you want to accomplish and learn from them

Photo Credit: tbone_sandwich via Compfight cc