Vacation can be great for family bonding and taking a break from the everyday. It can also be a great time to shake up your usual workout. Here are some ideas for activities to keep you in shape while away from home.

1. Hiking: Whether visiting an out-of-state relative or renting a cabin in The Smokies, a morning walk can be a great way to explore and get moving. A nature hike can be fun with the kids and teach the whole family about plant and animal life. Always make sure to check out a map of unfamiliar territory and ask for advice about the terrain. Then, take a hike!


2. Swimming: What’s summer vacation without a dip in the nearest water source? Don’t just be a beach bum or lounge next to the pool. Jump in and engage your arms and legs! Better yet, challenge the kids to pool races. They will love it!


3. Volleyball: On the beach or at a picnic? Get in the game! Volleyball is a great total body workout. You’ll feel the burn in your legs, core, shoulders, back…seriously everywhere! Plus, chasing the ball around will give you a great cardio workout and chances are you’ll have a little fun, too.


4. Bike Rides: If you don’t have a bike rack on the car, see if there is a bike rental near where you are staying. Biking is another activity the whole family will enjoy and a great workout for your legs and heart. Once again, make sure you do your research before you hit the trails and find the safest route. You’ll probably be surprised by how many miles you’ll cover on your bike before you feel gassed.


5. Rest Stop Workouts: If you’re on a long road trip, rest stops are essential for sanity and endurance. Instead of just stretching your legs and using the restroom, use the time to do a few yoga poses, some jumping jacks, or even some squats. You may get a few strange looks, but the movement will be just what you and your body need.


6. Hotel/ Cabin Workout: Once you reach your destination you may want to flop down on your bed or go straight to the beach, but after a quick rest or swim, you can squeeze in an effective total body workout with no equipment! Click here to get the Best At-Home Bikini Body Workout!


7. Fitness Center: If you can’t live without your workout equipment, make use of the hotel fitness center. If there isn’t one, many local rec centers have inexpensive day passes.


8. Have an Adventure: Find out what local activities are offered in your destination, such as kayaking, surfing, or zip lining (a great upper-body workout). Vacation is a chance to let your hair down after all.