Yoga blocks are perfect for all levels of experience in yoga, especially beginners. If you do not yet possess a good amount of flexibility, the yoga block allows you to place your hands, etc. on a stable surface without having to stretch to a point you may not be able to. Eventually, you will be able to eliminate the block and stretch farther than before! You can easily find them online ranging in price from $3-$17.

yoga block

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose): Spread your legs in such a way that your left foot is out in front of you, pointing slightly inward, with  your right foot behind you, turned 90 degrees, parallel with the end of your yoga mat. Extend your arms out so that your right is behind you and your left is in front. Reach down with your left arm, while keeping your hips stable, while your right arm reaches for the ceiling. Keeping your fingers spread, utilize the arm and hand muscles to find a lift on the block that engages the oblique and psoas muscles.

triangle pose yoga block

Forward Fold: A forward fold can often be difficult for the not-so-flexible. Using the yoga block, sit on its edge. This will cause a forward tilt in your pelvis. Utilize this movement to reach forward and touch your hands or feet. With all stretching, it’s important to remember to stretch to a slight discomfort, but lessen the stretch if you feel pain. For more information on the Trikonsana and Forward Fold, click here!

forward fold yoga block

Photo Credit: Yoga By Candice

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Bridge Pose: Lay on your back, pressing your feet flat to the ground. Place your arms alongside your body with palms facing down, fingertips touching your heels. As you lift your pelvis up, place the yoga block under your lower back. This move should be comfortable as it allows your spine to open up while remaining supported. For more information on the Bridge Pose, click here!

bridge pose yoga block

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Baddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose): In a seated position, pull your heels as close into your pelvis as you can. Let your the knees fall out to the side. For people with especially tight groins, placing a yoga block under each knee lessens the pull on the inner thighs. Tilt your pelvis forward, creating a long spine, while pressing your feet together. For more information on Baddha Konasana, click here!


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