Father’s Day should be all about Dad and showing him how much he means to you! We all know this is best done through a man’s stomach! Gather family and friends and make the day delicious for the man in your life with these easy and healthy dessert recipes! The best part is he won’t even know that they are good for him! Enjoy!


Low calorie, Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches via Food Network: These super cute mini ice cream sandwiches will be popular with kids and adults alike, and dad can enjoy himself while unknowingly eating a skinny dessert!


Sour Cherry-Fruit Slump via EatingWell: This fruity & healthy dessert would be a great ending plate to a nice sit down dinner for Dad! (photo credit here)

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Swirled Cheesecake Brownies via EatingWell: These amazing brownies are surprisingly guilt-less (who knew brownies could be?!) and Dad is sure to enjoy them! (photo credit here)


Strawberry Shortcake via EatingWell: This classic dessert is made skinny by EatingWell! Dad will love it, and you’ll love the nutritional values! (photo credit here)


Glazed Chocolate-Pumpkin Bundt Cake via EatingWell: This cake is so beautiful you won’t even want to cut into it…well okay, maybe you will, but you’ll regret it until you take a bite! Sure to be a pleaser for all your Father’s Day stars! (photo credit here)


Chocolate Fondue via EatingWell: Fondue is always so fun, and for your Father’s Day dinner, fun is definitely warranted! However, this recipe allows your fun to be guilt-free, which we all know is a HUGE bonus! (photo credit here)