Hey everyone! So I finally ran my first 8K! This was the 8K that went to support Wounded Warriors. Sadly, I did not train at all and I would NEVER EVER suggest running a race without training. Thankfully, I finished in the top third (273/678) and placed in my age group! This event was held in Jacksonville, Florida on September 8th and was filled with many military bodies. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF THE 90 DEGREE HEAT AND COOL BREEZE FROM THE RIVER!!! Well except for the extra minutes they added to my time. It was amazing to have the Navy, Coast Guard, and ROTC run along side with us but they were running in formation. For those civilians that don’t know “formation”, that is likeĀ 10 by 20 running all at theĀ same speed and chanting the entire way. I could never pass them until the first bridge. But frankly, I really enjoyed running behind them because their chants kept me motivated. When I reached the first bridge, I thought I was done. I did not train on hills and who would have thought that a bridge is truly a steep hill?!? I was mid way through the first bridge when I saw a Wounded Warrior (a paraplegic running faster than me) in formation. I just wanted to go up and high five that man. Just when I thought I could even make it up the bridge, I had zero excuses and I kept on feeling so inspired and motivated. Then when I was on my 3ish, we were heading up the 3rd bridge when I saw another Wounded Warrior (double paraplegic hand peddling a bike). I immediately got goosebumps and started to tear up when I saw random men pushing him up the hill. Right then and there, I KNEW I was here for a reason. This was SO inspiring to witness. Being an Army wife, I have seen and heard it all (not really because my husband hides most of those details). Just to support the sacrifices that these men and women take everyday for my freedom, running 5 miles was nothing!! As a runner we were asked to raise a minimum of $99. I raised $565!! Together we raised over $100,000 just for this one event! I WILL be back next year, except hopefully my husband will be in tow.

I encourage everyone to run an event that is near and dear to their hearts! My first event we ran for Airborne and Special Operation Veterans. Our second event we ran for Operation One Voice which raises money for peddle bikes for double amputees who have refused to give up. My most recent event, I ran for Wounded Warriors. As you can tell, I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! I SUPPORT AMERICA! AND I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FREEDOM!!