Ugh…that’s all I can say.  Working out the past 3 weeks basically went out the window.  I get it.  I get how moms always complain about not having time, or not sure when to fit it in, or wonder when they’ll ever lose that baby weight.  So here’s my story for the past 3 weeks…

Week 3:  Started off great. I worked out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  But Wednesday night I didn’t have any sleep, so I skipped Thursday. And then of course it became the weekend, and well you can find a million excuses not to workout.

Week 4: one of my twins came down with a stomach virus for the entire week. She was so sick. Scary sick.  Needless today my priority was taking care of her and not myself, plus getting any restful sleep with a sick baby is tough to come by, so I decided to put off any workouts.

Week 5: finally everyone is healthy! The girls are now 12 weeks and its time to get them to sleep through the night and no more night feedings.  This means teaching the girls how to self-soothe themselves back to sleep, and not using the bottle as a prop since they aren’t really hungry anyway (i.e. 2 babies crying all night long).  So I could barely remember to take a shower and brush my teeth last week, let alone work out.

There you have it. Three weeks worth of excuses.  Some of them acceptable, some not.  But what is finally exciting is the fact that I have my girls on a schedule.  We aren’t perfect yet, but we are sleeping a lot better at night and have defined nap times.  This means I can actually start working out consistently (hopefully) and I really don’t have any more excuses.

Leave for a beach vacation in 5 weeks, so there’s my new motivation.  My goal is to do cardio at least 3 times this week and weights 3 times this week.  I’ll keep you posted!