When I got engaged to my husband I did what most brides-to-be do, hire a trainer to look fabulous on my wedding day.  Up until then I really enjoyed cardio and group fitness classes but never really got into weight training.  And as I was looking at wedding dresses I realized that my body was “skinny fat”, in other words I was thin but had no muscle tone.

Since I really didn’t know much about using gym equipment or even free weights, I decided to invest in a trainer. My thought was to have someone teach me how to create workout plans, learn proper techniques, create a nutrition plan and then scale back to just once-a-week while receiving workouts to complete on my own. This way my initial cost was upfront, because it is an investment, but then I would have someone that I was accountable on a weekly basis.

Long story short, I got hooked on my trainer (haha) but I really did.  Every workout was different, sometimes we didnt use weights at all but used medicine balls, stability balls and other items in the gym I always wondered what they were. He was able to really push me, especially when I was tired, and I started to look forward to working out.  That was the shift…he helped me to create a new lifestyle.

And lifestyle is the key to losing weight.  It’s not a drag to workout, but an endorphin booster.  You don’t miss the junk food and when you do indulge, your body doesn’t even want it. And fitness becomes apart of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth.  Oh…by the way, your body will start to look smokin’ hot!

So fast forward to “week 6” and now that my girls are sleeping through the night (yay!!!) I actually have time to workout (another yay!!!!).  And I’m just ready to kick it into high gear and get back to my “lifestyle” I had prior to pregnancy.  So I call my trainer.

I decided to purchase 10 in-home sessions (and he gave me an 11th for free) and we are working out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. In my condo building we have a workout room.  It isn’t much, but I’m basically starting from scratch so it works for now.  From day one we talked about my diet and starting a food journal (accountability), took body measurements for motivation, and began our workouts.  And he also encourages me to do more cardio on my off days which I initially thought was impossible, but I did fit some in.

It felt amazing to get back into working out hard, have someone push me, and yet I’m never too sore or to tired to be with my babies. Its also great to have a reason to really start watching what I’m eating, I have to admit I wasn’t doing a good job.  And I feel amazing this week.  I’m sleeping better; I’m in a better mood; and I’m starting to fit back into some of my pre-pregnancy clothes!!

I will keep you posted on my results after 10 sessions, but I’m already seeing results!  This week’s goals: 3 training sessions, 2 30-minute cardio sessions.