You have just powered through your cardiovascular workout at the gym and you can start to feel the your stomach rumble. Don’t forget about the workout you got BEFORE even getting to the gym with getting the kids breakfast, starting that load of laundry and rounding the kids out the door! Now, part two of that begins with taking the kids home and carrying on with the rest of your busy day. An important part of this transition is to hydrate and fuel your body! Try these easy snacks that you can make ahead of time, wrap up and toss into your gym bag for a healthy recovery snack on the go!

Peanut butter and banana sandwich: Instead of bread, smooth your peanut butter onto two brown rice cakes for extra fiber (without empty carbs). Slice up half a banana and place in peanut butter. Join the two rice cakes for a sandwich and wrap it up to keep the freshness. This combination of healthy fat, good carbs and protein will replenish your energy quickly and help you stay slim! 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp. peanut butter, and 2 brown rice cakes is 215 calories.

LUNA Protein Bars for women are an easy choice with most bars running around 180 calories. Each LUNA Bar contains 23 vitamins and minerals that will not only help your recover from your workout but also contribute to your overall health. My personal favorite is Chocolate Peppermint Stick. It makes you feel like it is Christmas all year round.

A big juicy apple paired with low fat string cheese is another great combination of flavors with good carbs and protein to replenish your body for about 160 calories.

As mothers, it is important to stay in tune with our bodies and a huge part of that is eating the right foods, not only energy but for your general health. Make a special “family snack picnic” on your way home from working out (or any time really!) and get your little ones involved. All of these snacks are kid friendly and work not only in the gym bag but in the picnic basket! Can’t make it to the gym? Pack up that jogging stroller and jog on over to a local park and recover on the picnic blanket while enjoying snack time with your little ones. They will thank you for it in more ways than one!