No matter what your favorite workout may be, the clothes you wear either help or hinder your performance. Choose carefully and make sure you try things on before you leave the store – and once again when you’re at home. Here are a few rules to follow based on some of today’s hottest workouts!

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1. Running: The right shoe can make all the difference for a new runner or a seasoned vet. Visit a store that caters to runners and find your style and preferences. How your foot hits the pavement and which side of the foot you roll to are huge factors in choosing the right shoe. Whether or not you may need to go up a half size, find a shoe with a rounded toe, or are in need of something very lightweight are all things a store expert can help discover.
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2. Yoga: If you’re a vinyasa goddess or a yin yogi your clothing needs are going to be very different. Vinyasa’s quick movements, and usually warmer temperatures, require tighter, moisture wicking materials. Soft tank tops that don’t dig into shoulders or show a little too much mid-section during a flipped dog are key. If your yoga practice is a little more yin and restorative go for flowing, wide leg pants. Layers are your friends in these classes. A tank might be great while holding a Warrior II but a long Savasana would benefit from a great cover up.

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3. Cross Fit: This tough girl workout is not only great for your body but an excuse to find some of the “coolest” workout clothes around. A typical session includes weightlifting, sprinting, and aerobics. A sports bra with amazing support is a must. High intensity jumping and running calls for the “girls” to stay in place. Spandex shorts could be your best investment for these classes, even if you’re only wearing them underneath your regular shorts. They help to combat chaffing and make sure your backside is completely covered during the many squat reps you’re sure to encounter.

Do you have a go-to look or brand for your workouts? We’d love to hear from you!