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Womanista, The Authority on Fabulous, inspires sophisticated, influential women through content and recommendations in fashion, beauty, health, living and entertainment. The Womanista Approved platform fuels an innovative digital shopping experience for women anytime, anywhere.

» Sponsored Content + Recipes
We love working with brands we believe in! Whether it’s creating an original recipe with your product or producing a written piece of content that highlights your brand as an expert, we will work hard to ensure your brand/product is seen by our readers through a powerful native experience.

» Email Marketing
We offer two opportunities for brands to reach our highly engaged and influential email list of over 500,000 subscribers.

  1. Newsletter Takeovers:
    We send two newsletters to our list each week and brands have the opportunity to take-over the two ad spaces available in each.
  2. Dedicated Emails:
    The Womanista team will work with you to craft the perfect email in a way we know our readers have come to love and trust.

» Social Campaigns
With over 8.5 million followers across our platforms, Womanista will work with you to create a powerful social campaign to reach millions. From pin swaps to full takeovers, the creative opportunities are endless.

» Traditional Display Ads
Traditional display ads are available for brands who want to make sure our female demographic keep them top of mind. We offer Standard IAB and Rising Star units for both mobile & desktop.

» Preroll Video Ads
Showcase your brand at the front end of our videos with :15 or :30 preroll ads.

» Womanista Approved
Join our innovative digital shopping experience through an exclusive or curated list.

For additional information, please request a rate card. Minimum Spend: $3,500.

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