Crystale Lind always knew that fitness would be a part of her life, but she never dreamed that she would be able to inspire others with her competitive spirit.

Crystale graduated college at 22 with a degree in exercise science and a new baby. She had her second daughter a year and a half later. She began to get lost in the shuffle of being mom and wife, and also going back to work. Like many moms, she needed to regain her own personal identity before she forgot who she was inside.

She signed up for a gym membership in Milwaukee, WI where she was living at the time. She woke up early and got her workouts in at 5:30 a.m., the only time she had to work on herself! She used the knowledge she had obtained from her exercise degree and a LOT of internet research. Crystale had never been overweight, but she considered herself to be “skinny-fat.” She could maintain a healthy weight but had an unhealthy body fat percentage.

Two years into her new fitness journey, she landed a job with the University of Milwaukee teaching a weight lifting class off campus at a bodybuilder’s gym. This was her introduction to what the lifestyle was all about. It was a lifestyle she became very interested in, but Crystale had just separated from her husband and was trying to raise two little girls alone.

In 2008, Crystale packed up her life to relocate to the Madison area with her daughters and her younger sister. She got a job working in a gym and eventually became a full-time personal trainer. As a single mom, Crystale found it easy to relate to other moms at the gym.

“I wanted to become a stronger role model for my clients, and show them that what they thought was unattainable was actually within reach.”

Crystale went to her first bodybuilding show that year and was immediately impressed with the dedication of the athletes on the stage. “I knew I wanted to be up there someday.” Two weeks later she hired one of the winning male bodybuilders to work in the gym with her. She had her doubts in the beginning, but took her training one day at a time: preparing meals ahead of time, getting up at 5 a.m. to get her workouts in, and still maintaining daily life as a regular mom.

Crystale’s dedication and hard work paid off. She competed in her first show in 2011. She’s competed twice more since then, finishing third at Ford’s Bodybuilding Show in Monona this spring! “My kids took photos from the show to school to show off their strong, beautiful mom. Knowing my kids have seen my goal coming to life is an accomplishment that means the most to me.”

Crystale has her own fitness studio in Stoughton, WI where she helps others to achieve their “unattainable” goals.