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What better way to spend a warm Saturday or Sunday morning than strolling through your local farmers market?  It’s one of my favorite things to do in the summer.  Being outside, meeting the vendors, and picking out fresh fruits and vegetables is a great weekend family activity.

There are obviously many benefits to shopping at your local farmers market:

  • The food is as real as it gets, fresh from the farm.
  • It’s seasonal.  You can enjoy fresh asparagus in the spring, strawberries and sweet corn in the summer, and pumpkin and apples in the fall…to name just a few.
  • Farmers markets support family owned farms.  Family farms are becoming increasingly rare, and buying direct from them helps keep them going and supports the local economy.
  • It’s good for you!  Many of the fruits and vegetables in grocery stores are highly processed using pesticides, hormones, or other chemical methods for preservation.  Most foods found at farmers markets are minimally processed and certified organic.  If you’re not sure if a vendor’s food is organic or pesticide free, just ask!
  • Learn new cooking methods, recipes, and storage ideas.  Many farmers love to share their favorite recipes, along with tips on how to store and prepare their produce.
  • Variety is the spice of life!  Pick out something you’ve never tried before, or better yet let your kids each pick something new to try!

Wisconsin is home to more than 70 farmers markets, each offering seasonal fruits, vegetables, and even sweet treats from local bakeries. Wisconsin is a state that loves good food, so we grow lots of it!  Take your pick at farmers markets across the Badger state.  For a list of Wisconsin’s farmers markets, click here.