When the cold weather hits, the only thing that gets me through is knowing I can finally wear my scarves, hats, fingerless gloves and boot socks. Finglerless gloves have their drawbacks because your fingers are still cold, but that’s the price you pay for fashion! There are so many cute winter options  that are both practical and chic.




Let me begin with SCARVES. Everyone loves wrapping a cute little scarf around them and the options are endless. You can change your look in an instant with all of the different colors and patterns and styles that are available.

Another favorite of mine is FINGERLESS GLOVES they are so cute. I especially love the longer ones that come up to your elbow. There are some really cute ones on ETSY.

HATS are always a must, but if they aren’t your thing that’s fine. If it’s chilly I have even worn a scarf over my head and it looked really cute. At least I think I looked cute…isn’t that what matters?

Lastly, my newest obsession is BOOT SOCKS. They are amazing and add that little something to any outfit. I found some really cute ones at Target for only $5.00!!! I get so many compliments when I wear them, they are very similar to Free People minus the $24 price tag. I’m beginning  to appreciate how fun dressing for cold weather can be!

This season, I can’t wait to get out  just so I can wear the season’s must-have winter accessories.