I know this sounds super crazy and I am sure many of you are trying to picture this look in your head. However, it can be broken down very simply…I promise! First off, mixing prints is going to be very in this spring and there’s two simple tricks to pulling it off:

1) Overcome the initial instinct that “it doesn’t match.”

2) Make sure that the color schemes are the same or pair nicely: look for the color, not necessarily the “print.”

Okay, now here are a three ways to pull the animal print + floral print together to create one fierce, girly look!


Flower Girl Gone Wild










Find a slightly bohemian styled dress. I love this longer sleeve look with a great collar line and some tights for the cooler weather. Bring out a color pop in your accessories and your purse!



Garden Safari


Pair a flowy leopard or zebra top with a floral cardigan. These colors work because the tan and rosy tones match the cream cheetah colors. Purple florals would partner well with the zebra print. Mix and match some leather and beaded jewelry for this polished jungle look. Also, try the cargo pants for a casual vibe.



Chic Cheetah










Here’s a sophisticated look. Now I know these are shorts, but you can pull off a full pant with these patterns as well. I just love the trouser short with a pair of sheer tights! Go with chunky gold jewelery and woven, linked looks. This is very downtown L.A.