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Remember Monica’s secret closet on “Friends”? The one packed with all the junk she wanted no one to see? Can you easily remember it because you have a similar closet?

Cleaning out a closet probably doesn’t fall too far down from getting a root canal on anyone’s list of things to do (or not do). However, your cluttered closet may be wreaking havoc on other parts of your life while you haven’t even realized it. Here are three reasons why de-cluttering your closet should be number one on your to-do list.

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Your cluttered closet is ruining your diet. Yes, we are still talking about cleaning out your closet, not your refrigerator. One thing that contributes to your packed closet is that you likely hang on to clothing that no longer fits. Everyone is guilty of keeping those pants that are a size or two too large “just in case.” If losing inches around your waist or maintaining your current weight is one of your health goals, keep only articles that fit appropriately. Removing items from your closet that no longer fit is healthy motivation to keep off the unwanted pounds you work so hard to lose. An exception to this rule could be a favorite pair of jeans or dress that you are working toward slipping back into.

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Your cluttered closet is causing you stress. Mornings are stressful enough trying to get yourself and other family members ready for the day and out the door. When time is of the essence, trying to find an outfit amongst a mass of clothing can add stress to your already busy start. Removing the items you no longer wear, the dusty shoes with broken heels, and things that otherwise don’t belong allows you to quickly see your wardrobe options and move on to more important tasks.

Your messy closet is costing you money. You open your closet, look inside and let out a sigh of exasperation. You have nothing to wear… or do you? You don’t know what you have because your closet is too cramped. I know that digging through a mound of clothes, boxes and knick-knacks to see if you have a dress for an upcoming cocktail party isn’t nearly as fun as buying something new. But continually buying new things because you can’t see or find what you already have can be hard on your wallet. Decluttering allows you to see clearly what you own and assess where clothing needs lie. This leads to a smarter budget and a happier wallet.

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 Your closet shouldn’t be a place of stress. Decluttering can actually bring you feelings of excitement when finding a dress you love, give you joy from donating clothes to those in need and possibly add a little spending money to your wallet after selling gently used items and cutting back on constant shopping.