We all know that feeling: It’s late at night, you’re exhausted and don’t want to bother getting up to wash your face. At some point, we’ve all made these excuses, but what are the true consequences of our laziness?

face washing

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According to Dr. Eric Schweiger, founder of the Clear Clinic, “sleeping in your makeup can result in unnecessary exposure to free radicals in the environment, which makeup holds on to. Free radicals cause the breakdown of healthy collagen, which results in fine lines on the skin. Additionally, makeup can clog the pores while you sleep, resulting in the development of acne.” (via Huffington Post)

Many dermatologists suggest the “easy does it” method, by using gentle cleansers and with mild formulas. Remember: Vigorous scrubbing does not always equal clean! “Many exfoliators contain sharp, jagged crystals made from particles of apricot pits or nuts that can cut into the skin, causing irritation and inflammation,” says Laura Goodman, a senior scientist at P&G. (via The Wall Street Journal)

The key to younger-looking, radiant skin is washing your face twice every day: Once when you wake up and once before bed. The morning rinse will get rid of any dead skin and particles from overnight and the nighttime rinse will wash away the ones from the whole day.

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