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Have you ever heard the expression “The best workout is the one you will do”? For me, working out at home is simply what works. I’ve tried the gym and I’ve tried group fitness. The gym scene is just not my thing and I’m good with that. I love working out at home because it gives me more time and I can avoid germs. I have more effective and comfortable workouts and I set an example for our kids.

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1. More time: I started my fitness journey when I hit 40. At the time, our twin boys were four years old. Getting up and going to the gym before them wasn’t feasible. Taking them to the YMCA and leaving them in the playroom was quite frankly more trouble than it was worth. So, I started by walking and running on the treadmill at home during naptime or after they went to bed. In the course of that year, I logged 1,200 miles! Had it not been for being able to work out at home, I never would have achieved that goal. Home workouts also save at least an hour of travel time, and I need all the hours I can get in the day.

2. Fewer germs: Yep. I said it. I can’t stand the idea of getting on a machine after someone else or using a sweaty mat that may or may not have been wiped off before me. I went to a hot yoga class one time and had some strange guy sling his sweat literally all over the room. I’ll say a big “no thank you” to those types of encounters, please. I also have less than zero desire to shower in a public shower, put on my makeup or do my hair at the gym. Seriously, in order to do that, you have to take all that crap with you. Who has time for that?

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3. More effective workouts: When I work out at home, my workouts are stronger. I can truly focus on being in the moment without thinking about looking silly or having someone judge whether or not I’m doing something right. I can take a break when I need it (can you say weak bladder after having twins?) and jump right back when I am ready.

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4. More comfort: I am also more comfortable at home. I can wear what I want. I can listen to music or not. I don’t have to see random television screens playing depressing news or annoying talk shows. I don’t have to listen to the person next to me making weird noises on the treadmill. And when I am by myself, I am more willing to try difficult moves, be silly and simply have fun.

5. Set the example: Perhaps the single most important reason why I work out at home is that my kids SEE me. They see me pushing myself, they see me working out daily and sometimes they even join me. I want them to know that being active is just something you do. It’s a daily part of life. I didn’t grow up as an active kid and I don’t want that for our boys. Instead, I hope to model an active healthy lifestyle with and for them.

In the end, it’s not the type of workout you do that matters. What matters most is that you do what works for YOU. So, find what you love and make time to do it every day.