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Many people like to work out with a friend, a family, partner, in a group in the gym or even with a pet. But some people feel intimidated by going to a gym and prefer to train alone. I will give you some reasons why I choose to work out alone or what I call it: a moment with myself.

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1. It’s flexible. I can fix my schedule to exercise anytime I want. I can do cardio, strength training, yoga or just go for a run without waiting for other people.

2. I can play my favorite music. There are people who prefer light music, electronic, hip hop or simply nothing, but working out alone lets you play the music that energizes you to kill that workout.

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3. I’m less distracted. When I sometimes train with my friend, I got distracted listening her stories or situations or just talking of things. A workout usually can take me 15-20 minutes but with her can take me an hour.


4. It’s my time. Exercising for me is like a therapy. It’s my moment to connect with myself, to relax and meditate a moment of silence.

5. I can go at my own pace. Not all people are on the same fitness level; there are some in beginner, intermediate or advanced. I can make the exercises with or without modification to fit my needs and skill.

6. I work toward my own goals. If I want to try a squat challenge or arms and core as a burnout, I can just do it.

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7. I can treat myself. If I have an intense and challenging workout week, I treat myself with some candy, a new sports bra or exercise equipment. I can make my reward anything I want as long it is healthy.

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8. I have my own equipment. I don’t need to wait for others to use machines or equipment. I have what I want and what I think will work for me according to my goals.

9. It fits my tight schedule. I have a full-time job and I’m a mother of two, wife and a part-time personal trainer. This means that working out alone can let me make my own schedule instead of waiting for classes to begin or for a friend.

Once you try it, you may find there are more than nine reasons to work out alone. If you have never done it, I encourage you to incorporate it at least two days in your routine; you won’t regret it.