The number on the scale has been consistently dropping and then out of the blue that number stalls. Who pushed the pause button on your weight loss? Take a deep breath. With any diet you will eventually hit a plateau and/or run the risk of falling off the track. As you shed pounds, eventually the body begins to adjust and the weight doesn’t come off as quickly as it might have in the beginning. The goal is to not get discouraged. It is to accept the challenge and plow through this new obstacle!  Get over the hump and start shedding those pounds again with these few tips!

1. Mix up your workout routine! Most people have the same ho-hum daily exercise routine. Try taking a new class at your gym, or sign yourself up for a local 5K run and start training! If you have been doing low impact workouts then try changing the intensity, pump up your cardio and even add an extra 5 minutes onto your regular routine. You would be amazed at the big results by doing just a few small changes. Challenge yourself and your body to burn more calories and ultimately see that number on the scale begin to lower!

2. Change your eating habits. Just like with exercising- try adding new foods or exciting recipes. Switch from the 3 meal a day mentality to 6 small snacks to amp up your metabolism. Make sure you are adjusting your calorie intake, as you lose weight the amount of calories you need will make a big shift requiring less.

3. If you need a break, take a break! If you need a week off from your diet, then take the time to relax and let your body adjust to your new weight. Eating healthy is a lifestyle change so take a week off from counting calories and don’t worry about loosing that next pound. Take it easy for a few days then get right back to tracking your foods and you will see a change in that number!

4. Drink water. Of course, it is important to stay hydrated but in general water will speed up your weight loss, help you stay focuse,d and ease hunger.