Yesterday we did our marathon day at Disney World/Epcot.  We drive up from where we stay at the beach (about 90 minutes) to do Disney for one day….then drive back that night…crazy probably, ok yes most definitely but it is just how we do Disney and always have.

In my 30 times going to Disney over the span of my 34 yrs I have never stayed on property at Disney.  It sounds like a grand idea and every year I tell my kids we will do it someday…but I guess I better hurry since Jake is going to be seven and I don’t know how long the magic will continue for him.  But I digress and will tell you that through all of the heat and waiting and crowds it is the most magical place on earth.

We don’t do a great deal of “big” things with our kids.  Sure, we have a boat…I am sure I will blog about that later in the summer so I will admit to it now.  But it is an OLD boat and works well for our family but is certainly not a new top of the line anything.  My kids have never been on an airplane we drive to Florida every year.  We don’t travel for spring break or school breaks so…Disney is a big trip for the boys.  Max, our youngest talks about the fireworks at the castle for months before we go (he fell asleep before the fireworks this year) and Jake told me it was the best place to go because magic happens at Disney.

The face of my kids when they see the castle for the first time is one that can’t be recreated anywhere else on earth.  It is pure joy and pure happiness.  Then we go to Pirates of the Caribbean first…we spot Jack Sparrow and the crew and the day has started off very very well.  We ride all of the important rides and Max is even tall enough to ride the roller coaster (thank the lord).  We see Buzz Lightyear, Donald and Daisy.  We race cars, ride Peter Pan’s flight, Jake pilots a jungle cruise and we spend some time at Epcot learning about the land, history, and some imagination and invention stuff.  Oh and we see the living seas and watch and learn about manatees.  We head back to Disney to let the boys pick out their one souvenir, this is where it could get sketchy…but each boy gets a pirate and spend $12.95 and are very happy campers.  I, of course have to get a Camilla bead for my ever growing bracelet and it turns out I spend the most at Disney.  Oh and I buy the coveted OPI silver shatter nail polish at Disney which by the way is less expensive than in the stores….who knew that Disney sold OPI.  Ha.

Anyway, the day was perfect.  Jake and Max were great even when it got hotter than hades and the adults were losing their cool.  I don’t do fast passes (Disney’s way to cut down on lines) but I do suggest it for Peter Pan’s flight because the wait there is hot and long and miserable and causes kids to get very cranky or crazy.

Max going crazy in the line at Peter Pan

Disney does it right…the day runs flawlessly and things always are so very perfect there.  The day ended with a tram ride back to the car with a little magic mixed in.  Jake got into the tram and on the seat was a certificate of piracy….it is something that Jack Sparrow hands out at one of his shows.  We were at the show but not close enough to get one; clearly someone had left theirs on the tram…clearly, it wasn’t going to get back to the owner because at the end of the day Disney’s trams are moving thousands of people to their cars very quickly.  But that little bit of magic, made Jake’s day and had him convinced that Jack Sparrow left it for him.

So dreams do come true…if you dream it you can do it…and all of that magic started because of a mouse (all Walt Disney quotes).

My favorite quote of the day!

Here are my suggestions for a day at Disney:

Pack snacks (food is expensive), take your patience you need it, have a plan of what you want to ride and if you are only spending a day there don’t get upset if you don’t have time to get to everything, take extra clothes for the kids(both of my kids were sweaty messes by 6 pm and we just put new shorts/shirts on them so they felt better), a stroller is a must for little guys/gals, take a backpack not a purse, put a limit on what they can spend…each of my kids got $20 they came back with change and finally remember the day is about the kids so try to let them do their thing.  And most of all have FUN and enjoy the magic.