Today, I ask myself when things changed?

Brooke Griffin

I ask myself, “How did I go from being a couch potato (I mean seriously, I think I was sewn into my couch sometimes), to what I am today. Getting out and about in 20 degree weather (I lived in Georgia at the time mind you; that’s SUPER cold to us) and go to the gym or for a run even. I think of the way I was a few years back. I was depressed, tired, demotivated, and really felt alone because I felt like I had NO friends where we live. I love my life now. Even when I don’t get enough sleep, I have a ton of energy compared to how much I used to have and I am much happier than I used to be. That’s all the result of living a healthier life and my motivations are what help me keep it up when I’d rather be curled up in bed with a heated blanket. So, what are my motivations? Well, my current motivations are my health, my children’s health, my husband’s health, my happiness and relationships with my loved ones… the list of all the positive reasons that I do this every day could literally go on for hours or days…

I hear people say that they have no motivation. People ask me all of the time what my motivation is. This has got me thinking some. Yes, now my motivations are endless, but what were they to begin with. To be quite honest, my motivations in the beginning weren’t always as ‘inspired’ or ‘worthy’ or even something I want to admit. Yes, at first, my motivations were less than favorable; to be quite honest, in many ways, my motivations were to make someone mad (not completely, but I would say 80%)… that may sound weird and even mean, but it is the truth… You see, to someone that doesn’t really believe in themselves, sometimes it might take something a little outwardly motivating to get you moving.

As I started re-evaluating myself and how I felt about myself and why I truly needed to get healthier, then my motivations started to become more ‘admirable’. I would say that now my motivations are probably where they should be. There is some of the ‘in your face’ motivations still there (in the back of my mind) but for the most part, it is because I have finally realized that if I’m happy, then it honestly helps everyone around me… not just me. I am happier, and those around me seem to be happier because my relationships with those people are happier and easier going.

I also don’t take things as personally as I used to, and I don’t over-analyze people’s compliments or comments to me. I tend to take what people say at face value. If someone gives me a compliment now, it is much easier for me believe them; I don’t take what they say and try to dissect it. Besides, if someone doesn’t mean what they say, then that’s their problem. It’s all a matter of self-confidence, and honestly when you are lacking, any type of motivation is worth listening to.

I think it’s not really “why” you start or what your motivations at first are that people should focus on… it’s the motivations that keep you going that maybe should be the focus of your attention because those are the ones that will make or break your dedication and goals. Many times, as we become healthier, our minds ‘get right’ and we can re-evaluate our attitudes on things and why we are eating or exercising, but at first just finding the motivation to get it going is important. Don’t feel bad if your initial motivations are not admirable, and honestly… who really cares? I know why I do the things I do today, and that to me makes the difference.