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Cars come with them. Small appliances come with them. Even children’s toys come with them! But for some reason, kids don’t come with manuals. It’s totally a trial and error thing with kids sometimes. When do you call the doctor when they have a fever? How bad does a cut have to be to require stitches? Are they old enough for their first sleepover? What about dating? Driving? Sports?

I sometimes refer to my oldest son, now 18, as my guinea pig child. Poor kid! I’ve made many mistakes as a parent. I remember once thinking since he had tubes in his ear he couldn’t possibly have another ear infection. Yeah, I was wrong. My poor then six year old had fluid running out his ear and down his neck because that little tiny tube had clogged and infection had built up behind it, finally breaking free one night at the dinner table. My younger son didn’t escape my ignorance either. He walked around on a broken ankle for three days before I finally took him to the doctor. Did I feel guilty? Of course! Does that award me “Worst Mommy of the Year Award”? No. I love my kids and they (and the world!) know it. We all make mistakes. My kids have heard me say “I’m sorry” from the bottom of my heart. They’ve seen my tears. They’ve heard my should haves and would haves. I’ve seen real abuse and neglect, and mommies that shouldn’t have a driver’s license, let alone a license to have children. (Too bad that’s not required!) I’m nowhere NEAR that bad. I’m not even on the same planet as some of these so-called moms.

So while my kids didn’t come with manuals and I tend to make it up as I go along, I think we’re all doing pretty well. If you’re reading on here, I imagine we are on the same planet. Kudos to you, Mom. Write that manual and be proud of what you’re accomplishing and who your kids are becoming. Because I’m sure it’s pretty great.