That first kick. The first time you hear that tiny heartbeat. There are so many precious moments about pregnancy that truly make the nine months special. But this time spent growing your precious little one can also take a toll on your body. If you are finding that pregnancy the second go-around (or third, or fourth…) is a bit more taxing than you expected, try out some of these tips to ease your body and mind through the nine months.

Get moving: Getting plenty of exercise may have been easy when it was just your schedule to work around but now that you have little ones demanding your time you may not be able to hit the gym as often as you like. Make sure you take the time to fit in at least a walk or a stretching session to prepare your body for the coming changes. Focus on an activity that you can do with your kids, making it easier to find time in your busy day. Check out Strength Training Yoga for Pregnancy and 7 Yoga Poses For Your Fit Pregnancy.


Treat the pregnancy as if it’s your first: It is far too easy to assume that we have done this before so we should know everything that our body is going through. However, no matter what age you had your first child you are at least a little bit older and this pregnancy has its own quirks to get used to. Treat each pregnancy with the uniqueness that it requires and mention any concerns to your doctor. Also, take the time for some one-on-one bonding with the growing baby inside your belly. It can keep you from focusing on the hardships that your body may be going through and makes this time a precious bond between the two of you. Check out 5 Ways To Make Your Pregnancy More Enjoyable.

Focus on your diet: Busy schedules don’t always make for the best eating habits. The bigger your family becomes the harder it may be for you to keep a good prenatal diet. This can add to your pains and fatigue which only makes the nine months that more difficult. Suggest everyone chip in with the meal planning and preparation and focus on cleaning up the whole family’s diet during the duration of your pregnancy. A good diet will do wonders for how you feel and will nourish your growing bundle.


Ask for help: Again, just because you have done this before it doesn’t mean you don’t need a helping hand during your pregnancy. If anything, it is harder to focus solely on keeping you and your growing baby healthy when you have a family to take care of. Enlist the help of others as much as you can and don’t let others make you feel bad if you take a few things off your to-do list for the next nine months. Involve your other child/children in the task of taking care of mommy because they will feel more connected to their soon-to-be sibling if they are involved in the pregnancy. Most importantly, take a break! You need to listen to your body and take a few minutes to rest when it is needed. The dishes can wait if you need to take a breather. Your health is most important during this time so don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks that can be postponed for a bit.

Congratulations and here is to a happy and healthy nine months for you and your little one!