Don’t even think about it… Okay, but we do. Ice cream is loved by everyone. But when you’ve been working so hard on keeping your body tight and fit, the high amounts of cream and sugar in a scoop do you no good. With that said though, you shouldn’t deprive yourself of fun, tasty things completely. Here are some ways to satisfy that ice cream temptation without the guilt.

Frozen Yogurt: Ice cream is usually made from whole cream, milk and lots of sugar. With frozen yogurt, you are getting just that — yogurt that is frozen after being whipped. And an extra convenience: froyo shops are everywhere. With so many flavors and so much taste, you won’t even recognize it’s not really “ice cream.”


Fresh or Frozen Fruit: Most of the time when you have a craving ice cream, it’s more so the sugar that we’re craving, not the dairy. Though you aren’t getting the “dairy” part of your craving with frozen fruit, some have found that the sugar in fruit solves the temptation. Fit Day reports that for a product similar to ice cream, try freezing your fruit or blending frozen fruit and almond milk or greek yogurt for a fruit smoothie!

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Skinny Milkshakes: Craving chocolatey, fudge-laced ice cream? Try mixing greek yogurt and unsweetened cocoa powder along with ice (also try mini chocolate chips, PB2 or a handful of almonds) for a yummy, healthy milkshake. Add in a scoop of protein powder for a boost!

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When it comes down to it, sometimes we have those days where we just want a pint of the real deal. Put in the extra effort and have a little fun making your own ice cream. Skinny Mom has several fun ice cream recipes that are as just as tasty as they are skinny. Check for all of our recipes here!