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Photo Credit: Women and Advertising

So, I get the Victoria’s Secret catalog and the Athleta catalog in the mail. Pre-kids I always wanted to look like a Victoria’s secret model who oozed of sex and lust; that quickly went away post kids. I would not have appreciated the Athleta models when I was younger, I would have thought they weren’t thin enough and didn’t have enough big hair or makeup; now I drool over their toned bodies and think, just one day I want to be an Athleta model.

victoria secret

Photo Credit: The Daily Hiit

Let’s be honest here folks, I am not going to be a model of any type. Maybe when I am older, I could hand out some samples at the local grocery, but that would be the closest thing to modeling that I’ll ever get, (a girl can dream…right)! It is funny, how the more that I work out, the more appreciative I am of not thin, but toned, strong bodies. I love when a woman has a great set of shoulders or really defined quads. I gush over women who are over the age of thirty with a booty that doesn’t sag, and I am super duper impressed if the woman is also a mom.

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Photo Credit: The Great Fitness Experiment

Anyway, if you are looking for a body image that doesn’t fit the runway in New York or LA but looks healthy and real, then visit Athleta. Their clothes are a little too pricey for my taste, but I love their clearance. Clothes aside, the point is to look at the models, they are real, fit women with bodies that are healthy and attainable. Something I personally find so refreshing.