I love shopping and I love sweets,  I am not sure which one I love more.  And those darn Easter candies in their pastel wrapper are so pretty and so appealing and seem so much better than regular sweets.  AUGGGH! The problem is I give myself free reign on both and since I am not training to stand on stage with a bathing suit on, I haven’t been watching closely what I put into my mouth; however that changed yesterday.

I was at Target buying a new pair of compression shorts (one of the darn dogs chewed my other pair) and when I put them on to look at my backside I about threw up.  Ok, my butt is not great…it never has been.  It got better with diet and a lot of training, but my oh my who’s very saggy rear was in the Target dressing room with me?  That could not, most certainly not, there is no way, have been my butt!  I looked around and saw that I was the only one in the dressing room, so indeed that sad saggy rear was mine.  YUCK!

I know that Brooke loves the stairmaster, I love step ups.  I did oodles of them when I was training legs.  But, no steps=frumpy mom butt and I don’t like it.   I guess I could just look at myself from the front, but I am a little concerned about what the poor people behind me see when I am on the arc trainer or running down the street, a whole lot of jiggle at this point.

So, I have given my self an ultimatum and a guilty pleasure reward. If I get my rear back into better shape by bikini season, I will buy the sunglasses that I have been longing for, for months….waiting anxiously for the price to drop.  I am pretty sure these sunglasses will get broken or ruined or sat on or  chewed, but I will love them until that happens.  So, off to work I go to get my workout on and hopefully get a little lift in the rear.  I won’t be going in dressing rooms with double mirrors for awhile.  However, I will be wearing a ton of running skirts because at least they hide  the sag and make my rear look better, and rest assured I never leave the house in compression shorts.  I won’t say cute, but better.

So,  I would love to know what little guilty pleasure you reward yourself with when achieving a goal.

Hope all of you are well! Oh and stay tuned this week we are going to do something BIG on this blog.  Can’t wait to share it.  Stay tuned.