Happy New Year!  (Any fellow teachers out there?)  I swear, I’m not crazy.  You see, I’m a teacher, so my calendar year runs from September-June, and those golorious months of July and August are just an added little bonus.  Well, the start of this year has been different for me than any other, and truth be told, it’s kicking my booty.  I’m back to work at a job that has adopted about 50 thousand changes since last year.  My first baby started Kindergarten, and my anxiety -ridden-control- freakishness is at an all-time high.  My second baby started preschool and I’m not gonna lie, I’m going through baby withdrawal.  Our schedule is way crazier than ever before.  I’m trying to figure out this whole new schedule and it’s putting me on a one-way ticket to Crazytown.

But it’s not all bad.  I mean, it’s gorgeous here.  (Is it gorgeous where you are? Where are you?) Even though it’s a crazy-popular thing to do around here, I have not been apple picking.  I have, however, bought some apple cider.  And I heated it up in the crock pot.  I threw in some mulling spices.  And holy man did my house smell good.  Fall may be crazy, but it sure does smell good. The hubs and I celebrated seven years of bliss of marriage over the weekend and did so by heading out to the Finger Lakes.  We got to taste all kinds of wine on a sunny day surrounded by all of the color-changing leaves.  No matter how stressed out and irritated with each other we were when we pulled out of the driveway, we couldn’t help but relax in our surroundings (or maybe it was all of that local wine?) Either way, there’s no denying that fall is a beautiful time of year.

I hope that you are enjoying your fall.  I hope that with all of the change that this season brings, you can take some time to do some pumpkin picking and cider mulling.  Get out and enjoy the weather before we start getting slammed with snow.  And go ahead and buy yourself a new pair of boots and a cute scarf.  It’s the perfect time of year to walk around outside looking cute.  You deserve it.

What do you love about fall? The food, the fashion, the activities?

Photo Credit: http://cdn.blogs.sheknows.com