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It should come as no surprise that a mom’s gym bag is considered as sacred as a diaper bag. Our lives generally operate on a minute-by-minute schedule, so a gym bag has to multitask. It has to be armed with the right supplies to keep you hydrated, nourished, fresh and efficient.

Below is a quick snap of what you’ll find in my gym bag on any given day. What’s in yours?!

gym bag contents

Photo Credit: Jordan Weaver

1. A good mat: This is most important item in my bag because my workouts don’t always happen in a gym. I like to be prepared for a quick park workout in the middle of a group of errands if time and logistics allow.

2. Set of dumbbells: Much like a good mat, you can never go wrong with having a light set of dumbbells in your bag. They’re easy enough to transport that you can get a few sets of strength moves in whenever you’re able.

3. BIG water bottle: Proper hydration should never be underestimated, so the bigger the better when it comes to a refillable water bottle. I, personally, like a bottle with a straw. It makes mindless hydration an easy part of the day!

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4. doTERRA Deep Blue Essential Oil: I’m a firm believer in proper recovery for hardworking bodies. This essential oil blend is certified therapeutic quality is absolutely indulgent for sore muscles.

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5. Makeup Removal Wipes: I, along with my pores, really dislike the feeling of sweat running through makeup during a workout, so I love the quick removal one of these wipes provides before working out. Neutrogena Naturals are my favorites!

6. Non-Slip Headband: Banded makes these cute, non-slip headbands that actually work! They keep fly-aways at bay so you can focus on getting your heart rate up, not your hair.

gym bag contents

Photo Credit: Jordan Weaver

7. Good snack: I love the taste of every Larabar flavor, but love their ingredient lists even more so. They keep it simple, allowing me to fuel up without filling up on processed foods. They’re just what every mama needs from a snack!

8. Earbuds: I just don’t enjoy a workout as much if there’s no music to motivate me. I generally use the earbuds that came with my iPhone but, in a pickle, I will turn up the speaker on the phone itself to ensure I have the proper tunes pumping.