Picture credit tulle4us.com

I don’t want to rush summer.  It’s my favorite season for all of the obvious reasons.  Warm breezes, vacations, and more carefree living.  But fall is my favorite season for fashion.  You’re already seeing fall or transitional merchandise in stores.

There are always certain colors that are hot each season.  This fall you’ll see red, dark blues, navy, emerald greens, and honey gold.   Skinny jeans, leggings, and boots are back again this fall, and here are some more fashion trends you’ll see this season:

1)  Prints:  Bohemian, floral, and plaid.  You’ll see prints being worn head to toe as well as a lot of different prints being worn together.  If you’re afraid to mix those prints, simply wear one printed item with another solid piece, and you’ll still look on trend.  Color blocking is also back for fall.  The great thing about color blocking is you can take two solid items you already have and pair them together for an easy color blocked looked.

2)  Peplum:  From peplum tops to dresses, they’re everywhere this fall.  Don’t know what I’m talking about?  It’s that short flared element attached at the waist of a jacket, dress, or top.

3)  Menswear:  Shirt dresses, fitted blazers, military influences, and vests.  Menswear continues to be a hit with designers.  When I buy for my store, I try to buy menswear inspired items that have feminine elements to soften the look.

4) Statement collars:  Whether it’s an oversized collar, one with faux fur, or one with a printed pattern, you’ll see collars on shirts and jackets that are meant to make a statement.  Not ready for that?  Wear an interesting vest instead.  It will give your outfit dimension and added texture without looking like you’re trying too hard.

5)  White dresses:  White isn’t just for summer anymore.  During summer, it’s a crisp, bright white.  In the fall and winter, you’ll see more of a creamy white.

6)  Lace:  Lace was popular in the spring and summer too, but seemed to be incorporated in a cutesy way.  For fall, it appears more grown up and elegant.  Maybe it’s the darker colors.  If you still think lace looks too young but want to try to add it into your wardrobe this fall, choose a heel with a lace overlay.

7)  Ankle boots:  If you thought ankle boots (or booties) were big last fall and winter, just wait until this year.  Every lookbook I have from doing my fall buying has the majority of outfits paired with ankle boots.  If you see a pair you love, pick them up now.