“I always say what you eat has a lot to do with your fitness.”  – Kim, my personal trainer

I’ve been losing and gaining the same five pounds for over a year now.  I get motivated and exercise and eat right for several months and then throw it all away one indulging weekend.  I get lazy and careless with my diet and exercise plan and gain back whatever I recently lost. I am sure many women can relate to this cycle of destruction I fall into.

I’ve found during this journey that I can up my exercise all I want, but I don’t see results until I watch what I am eating.  I can up my activity, but if I eat potato chips and drink wine all weekend, it is all for nothing.  When I make the decision to have healthy snacks and meals within a week or so I actually see my waist start to pull in and my belly shrink in size. I actually get results fairly quickly and one would think that would motivate me to keep going. It motivates me to a point. For some reason I stop and stray from my goals as soon as it is working. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I think that cookie or that cheesy dip won’t hurt my efforts. But guess again. It does.

In June, we took a family vacation to Disney World. It wasn’t easy to eat healthy at the parks, so I ate French fries and drank soda pop. (Two things I have managed to avoid for years). I paid for it later. It took five days for the bloating and “heaviness” I felt to go away. When I returned home and went back to my healthy diet, I felt much better. I ate fruits and veggies for my snacks, drank tons of water and green tea, and also stuck with lean proteins. I felt better. I looked better.

Then my husband’s birthday rolls around this last weekend and we go out to celebrate. Not only did we go to a restaurant to eat appetizers and drink alcohol, we repeated it the next day at the Cubs game in Chicago. Today I feel drained and icky. The first thing I did was drink my green smoothie and some nice, refreshing lemon water to feel better. Today I am back on track. Maybe, just maybe THIS time I will keep going instead of sabotaging my efforts AGAIN.