I was a tea drinker from age 12 until about 32 years old. In my thirties, I started drinking coffee. My husband always had a few cups of black coffee every morning, so eventually I started drinking coffee instead of tea. I loved my tea with sugar and lemon and today I love my coffee with sugar and flavored creamer. Suddenly I had a delicious, hot beverage to put in my thermos and enjoy before work and when I arrived at work. I started going to Caribou or Starbucks to get the yummy pumpkin spice or the mocha flavors. How exquisite. My all time favorite is the Lite White Raspberry coffee at Caribou. I would treat myself to one each week. I dropped soda pop from my diet years ago, so my only caffeinated beverage is coffee.

One day my co-worker looked up the calories on her favorite Starbucks caramel frappaccino she had to have every morning. It was 410 calories. I looked up my beloved Lite White Raspberry and it was 620 calories!! At that moment, something clicked in my head – specialty coffees are fattening. I know it motivated us to stop drinking them. Now that I work at home, I have my two cups of coffee in the morning – the first one at 6:00am and the second one around 8:00am. I am happier when I put in a large scoop of sugar and a splash of a flavored creamer, but most days I just add sugar and 1% milk to my large coffee mug. For the last several years, I have also had a third cup of coffee around 2:00pm- after all the kids have gone to sleep at naptime. This cup is really just to feed my caffeine addiction. I rarely enjoy this third cup, most days I feel a bit nauseous afterwards. I feel like I have had caffeine overload. So I decided to finally drop this afternoon cup of Joe.

I admit I know exactly when 2:00pm hits. I suddenly feel a craving for my sugary coffee and feel incredibly tired. Some of the withdrawal symptoms one experiences are:



•Depressed mood



•Muscle pain and stiffness

As much as I hate these symptoms, I really want to kick this pm coffee. I know there is not a lot of benefit from drinking this third cup every afternoon. It could be the reason I am up most of the nights. (My kids could also be the reason since they come into my room throughout the night). I’d like to test to see if my sleep habits improve. I know it is unlikely I will drop my coffee/caffeine addiction in the morning; therefore I must make the effort to kick this pm Joe in the bud. Wish me luck! I need it. Especially at 2pm.