Every day we wake up with the intent on accomplishing so many things, but sometimes life gets in the way.  Family demands, job stress, home maintenance, keeping in touch with your friends…so many things to juggle at once.  Then of course there is always that curve ball, when something happens you didn’t plan on and you either break down and succumb to being defeated or you get up and deal with it head-on.

With all of this going on every day, how do you keep yourself motivated with you eating and exercise?  We all know that consistency is the key to keeping our eating and fitness goals on track, but what is IT that pushes us through the daily grind each and ever day?  What is it that keeps YOU going?  Is it simply because of a desire to “look” good?  The desire to accomplish something for yourself?  Or is it because eating well and exercising on a regular basis makes you feel good…and when you feel good, you take care of the things in your life better?  Whatever the reason, it is important to identify what keeps you going.  When you are acutely aware of why you do the things you do, you will be better able to get on track again when life throws you a curve ball and you seem to be out of sync with your regular routine.  So…I hope your day goes as planned, but if not, I KNOW you will keep going!