Do you watch what you eat all year round? Strict diets do ensure big results, but sometimes you just can’t shake the cravings that come during the holiday season. With so many sugary treats laying around, it’s almost impossible to block out visions of dancing sugar plums. Well, you’re not alone! Check out the foods that healthy people splurge on during the holidays.

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows: While high-fiber and nutrient-dense sweet potatoes are a seasonal favorite this time of year, the common act of adding the marshmallows on top of them really puts them over the edge. Cooking with sweet potatoes is a tried and true method for healthy folks, but they really splurge for the sweet and soft marshmallows! (Honestly, who wouldn’t?)

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream: Another seasonal favorite is pumpkin pie, but I’m guessing it’s not our skinny pumpkin pie! The splurge-worthy recipe has probably been passed down among mothers and grandmothers throughout generations, and probably includes a big old dollop of homemade whipped cream on top. Is your mouth watering yet?

Stuffing with gravy: We gave you a pretty great low-carb stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving, but it is true that nothing quite beats the carb-loaded stuffing drenched in homemade gravy!

Eggnog: Perhaps one of the guiltiest holiday pleasures, eggnog is full of fat and calories to boot. But that doesn’t stop healthy people from splurging on it! After staying so healthy all year long, a little eggnog won’t completely undo all that effort. Even if it so happens to be spiked eggnog.

skinny eggnog

Dark chocolate cashews: Here’s something you don’t have to feel guilty about! Dark chocolate cashews are indeed fancy holiday treats, but they do contain nutritional value as well. The cashews are rich in zinc, which is great for your immune system and for reducing anxiety and depression. And the dark chocolate can even lower your blood pressure! All those benefits result in a calmer, less-stressed holiday season.

Figs: These holiday favorites are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamin B6, so don’t feel too bad next time you find yourself craving one this holiday!

Lebkuchen: Never heard of it? Well, it’s time to familiarize yourself with this soft, cakey, German cookie! If you’re going to splurge on anything, it might as well be this. Most contain hazelnuts and almonds, so we can justify it with those, right? Right.

What are some of your favorite holiday splurges? Share with us in the comments below!