What does health and wellness mean to you? It can mean different things to different people, but most will agree that it includes:

  • Physical well being
  • Eating healthy
  • Being active
  • Some type of mental well being

There may be some variations from person to person, but overall these are the components of being “healthy.” The bigger question is, how do we achieve this state for ourselves, our children and our families? In theory it is very basic; eat right, exercise, and move more. In reality though, being healthy is one of the most challenging things we do! Everywhere we turn there are obstacles, derailments, things that take us off course. Huge portions, advertising, friends who tell us to just “try a bite.”  How do we navigate our way through these seemingly endless distractions that seem determined to take us off our path to health?

I think one of the biggest advantages we have on that journey is each other. Connecting with like minded individuals provides some protection from all the distractions! Sometimes it feels like we are alone, when in reality, there are so many others that are in the situation. Accountability to others has been proven to be extremely effective…..many times we might let ourselves down, but we don’t want to disappoint someone else. Using this as leverage, let’s support, encourage and learn from each other. Not only will our journey be more successful, it will be much more enjoyable!