I mentioned in my previous blog posting that for me to lose weight, everything needs to be working together: meal plan, exercise, rest, water, etc. Well, I am still going strong from last week. I’ve even increased my workouts to try to burn more fat. I do cardio in the AM on an empty stomach. If you plan to lift weights are do high intensity cardio, then this is not recommended. I am doing cardio that keeps my heart rate at or below 130 – in the fat burning zone. When you raise your heart rate higher than that, then you enter the cardio zone. In the cardio zone, if you haven’t eaten anything to supply your body with fuel for the activity, you will burn fat, but you will also be burning muscle and we don’t want that. Getting my head wrapped around this has been a little difficult because I like to see high calories burned when I do cardio. My goal used to always be to try to burn 800-1000 calories per 60-75 minutes of cardio. In order for me to do that, my heart rate was well above 130. So I really wasn’t doing my body much good, hurting it actually. So now, I force myself to stay within the zone. The old me will come out every now and then, but I rein her back in and keep it steady. My evening workout consists of strength training and more cardio. This cardio session can be HIIT (high intensity interval training) if I choose as I have eaten prior to working out and have energy to burn.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that my husband challenged me to lose 20 lbs in 6 weeks or I would have to workout with him. We are at the half way mark and I am also at the half way mark to meeting that goal. I will be posting pictures next week to see how far I’m progressed since the start of the challenge. So far, I have lost 21.5 lbs. We are ½ way and I’m in full stride heading for the finish line. Only the end of the challenge really is not the finish line – there is no finish line. This is a lifestyle, not a diet or temporary fix. If you haven’t started your journey to a healthier you, what are you waiting on?