As soon as I received this book, I was excited.  A huge problem for  myself, my husband and our kids is always what we are going to eat for lunch.  I feel like we are always throwing something together which is not very satisfying or we eat something full of calories and not healthy.  The book “What Are You Doing for Lunch?” shows you healthy and budget friendly recipes you can easily put together for all members of your family.  I love that each recipe shows you what the cost comparison would be to ordering the same lunch in a restaurant.  This is REALLY an eye opener on how much we can spend everyday eating out.  When you look at the total savings for the year in just making your lunch once a week it is a huge shock!

The day I started reading this book, a few of my girlfriends were over and they also looked at the book.  My friend Ginny is waiting for me to write the review so I can lend her the book!  She saw the recipe for Curried Chicken Salad and went home that night to make it for dinner!  I have since made about 10 of the sandwiches and one of the soup recipes for my husband to take to work and all have received a big thumbs up!

If you find yourself eating out for lunch during the week or you are just bored with your same old salad or sandwich, I highly recommend you get a copy of this book.  Dr. Meighan is really informative and will change the way you look at lunch and your wallet!

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