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Below you’ll find your September meals, grocery lists and fitness plans organized by week. To see your meal plan for the day online, click the “Meals” button. To see your exercise routine for the day online, click the “Fitness” button. If you want printable versions of your week’s exercise routines (with picture demonstrations!) or meal plans (with nutrition!), click the “Download All” button. If you want to print the week’s grocery list, click the “Grocery List” button. To see your meals and workouts for the entire month at a glance, click the “Monthly Meal Calendar” and “Monthly Fitness Calendar” buttons below. All our days have a calorie range of 1,400-1,600 calories. If you want/need to add more calories to your day, check out the “100/200/300 Calorie Snack Options”.

We’ve added a new addition to the planner this month based on your August membership feedback. Many people were interested in having the on-the-go options in a printable download, so we did just that! Click the “On-the-Go” button below and keep a copy of this resource in your purse, your car, your office, anywhere you may need to find some healthy on-the-go ideas. This is the last month the Summer Sweets Dessert Cookbook will be available, so be sure to download it now for some seriously drool-worthy treats!

Do you have questions or feedback? Just click the “Feedback” button above. We love to hear from you!



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