Childbirth has come a long way since the beginning of time. What was once normal sounds absolutely crazy to us now. Continue reading to learn more about the history of childbirth and some strange facts about pregnancy throughout the years!


Women use to drink alcohol when they were giving birth. In Biblical times, drinking alcohol was equivalent to us drinking water today — especially during childbirth. The alcohol helped to keep the edge off while giving birth. Crazy, right?

Midwives birthed on a stool. Yup, you heard that right. No cushion or bedding, just a hard stool. The woman giving birth would lean back on the stool to be supported by another woman behind her. You can imagine the comfort.

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The baby was not “caught” once delivered. In Native American cultures, mothers would stand or squat and let the baby fall into a pill of cushioned leaves. You can read more about this interesting fact here.

Births were public. If you were a woman from a royal family, you were required to give birth in front of everyone. Doing so would ensure that no baby was switched out and into another mother’s arms. (via Everyday Family)

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Women baked cakes during labor. This was known to help ease the pain and distract women while they were in labor and was called a “groaning cake.” You can imagine how that name came to be. (via Everyday Family)

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The uterus expands 500 times its normal size. According to Viral Nova, the uterus can stretch from the size of a peach to the size of a medium watermelon! Wow!

Babies learn facial expressions at 24 weeks. Babies start practicing upset or crying facial expressions while still in their mothers’ womb! They learn to wrinkle their nose, lower their eyebrows, and part their lips, according to Everyday Family.


Your baby can taste what you eat. Studies have shown that some substances, including garlic and some juices, seep into amniotic fluid, allowing your baby to taste some of what you eat. (via Viral Nova)

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