WW yoga kit array

Feel like you’re missing out on the yoga craze? Well, meet your guide: Weight Watchers’ Yoga Starter Kit. Want to feel the burn and feel mentally and physically recharged? Then this yoga kit is perfect for you! The yoga kit will help you increase flexibility while toning your entire body, sculpting those long, lean muscles.

Inside the yoga starter kit there is a yoga strap and yoga block to assist in stretching and help modify exercises for all skill levels.  It also comes with a DVD that has not 1, but 2 unique 30 minute workouts that feature each level of fitness:  beginner, intermediate and advanced! Just watch the workout instructor that corresponds to your level and follow their modifications.  And as an added bonus, there is a 10-week exercise tracker for you to document your progress!

This kit is great tool to get you hooked into the world of yoga!  Weather you’re a beginner trying different workouts, or a yoga fanatic, this really is a one of a kind kit:

  • You can do it from your home: With the starter kit, you can do it from the comfort of your home!  Grab your mat, your kit, pop in that DVD and strike a pose!
  • Beginner and advanced options: This isn’t just a kit that you use a few times and leave on the shelf. Once you feel like you’ve conquered the beginner level, there is an advanced workout to practice next!
  • Block and strap add a creative twist: The yoga block and strap add a little flavor to your every day yoga routine and an added challenge for many of the poses.

This is the perfect beginners guide to getting the body you dream of! The 30-minute videos that walked me through each pose were helpful and I could really feel my muscles working!  Yoga is a great way to tighten up your body, strengthen the core and improve your balance and posture. Plus it makes you feel great on the inside and out!

I’m a girl on the go, and doing these quick 30-minute videos in the morning has made such an impact on my body, my mind and spirit.  Starting my day off with a yoga session before I even pick up my cell phone to hook back into reality has made me feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day!

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