Baby and his mother

I recently took a barre class and was asked, “So what’s the secret of looking good after [two] babies?” Secret? Hmmm. Funny, I wish I knew. If there is a secret, I’m still trying to uncover it. (I mean, I’m at barre class for gosh sake!) 

The truth is, I don’t truly believe there is a secret to looking good after babies. It’s not really a secret. You need to work your butt off. I haven’t found any other way. I’d love to say that every glorious pregnancy pound I gained magically fell off right after each baby, or even a couple months after. But they didn’t. Even if some of the pounds did gradually slip off naturally without much effort, it’s not like they left behind toned thighs and a taute midsection. No, I had to WORK for those. And I’m STILL working for those.

My answer to her was simply, “There really isn’t a secret. You really have to want it, and you really have to DO it.” I explained to her my efforts to keep as fit as possible during pregnancy. I explained that even after those efforts during that nine months, I still felt like a fat a** post-baby. I went to the gym religiously…I took on the Insanity workout…I walked/jogged/ran with the stroller whenever possible. I just did whatever it took.

I’m no genetic marvel. I’m a real person…with real hips and real lower back fat. I have to fight those things all the time. I have to eat right. I have to exercise 5-6 days a week.

So if there’s any mommy out there that’s telling you it was no big thang…don’t let that drag you down. She is very likely lying, or at the very least downplaying what she had to go through. Don’t get me wrong, there are some crazy genetics that allow some women to eat meat and potatoes and be steadily sedentary, yet they don’t jiggle in the least. I like to think it eventually catches up with them…but sometimes that just really can’t be explained. Trust me, if you ask them, they won’t have any “secret” to share with you because they probably don’t have any idea how the heck they do it either other than, “oh my mom is tall and had lean legs…”

My advice to you…my “secret”…is to really want it, really believe you can achieve it…and to chase that goal with all your might. It’s not easy. If it were, we’d all have six-packs post pregnancy (and not the alcoholic kind). This may be one of those hard truths in life, but the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can push yourself to do what is necessary…and the sooner you can succeed.

Here’s to post-baby bikini-wearing! You CAN do it.

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