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How many times have you made a comment you wish you could take back? Probably more than you can count on one hand, right? When it comes to weight loss, everyone has an opinion! All too often we hear comments about celebrities such as, “She needs to eat a cheeseburger” or “Has she had work done?” But what if those comments were directed at you? Would you be offended or flattered?

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For someone who has worked diligently at losing weight the good ol’ fashioned way through exercise and healthy eating, hearing comments about your appearance and the suggestion of you having had a procedure done could be offensive. However, don’t flatter the person who made the comment by being offended. Know that all of your hard work in the gym and produce aisle at the grocery store has paid off enough that people have noticed. Although there are some days that you might like to eat a cheeseburger, the reason you look like you’ve had work done is actually because you’ve stopped eating those greasy cheeseburgers (which are usually accompanied by French fries).

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What about the friend or family member who actually has the nerve to suggest you gain weight if they agree to lose weight? Change is hard for everyone. Although your weight loss didn’t happen overnight, to some it appears that way. They’ve probably seen you overweight for quite some time and that is their vision of how you should look, give or take a few pounds. Be patient and don’t allow them to make you feel guilty about living a healthy lifestyle. The ones that offer up these unwanted comments tend to be the ones that wish they had your willpower, determination and drive. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests the first step in determining if your current weight is healthy is by using the Body Mass Index calculator. As long as you are in the “normal” weight status, you have nothing to worry about. Keep on eating your peas and cues (cucumbers).