Every Sunday, I prepare my husband and my lunches for the week. We started this a few months back when we decided that we wanted to eat even healthier than what we did. (We used to have whole wheat bread , turkey/cheese/mustard sandwiches) Also, we decided that it is easier to make the lunches ahead of time instead of the night before because of our hectic schedules. Making our lunches ahead of time allows us to just “grab and go” in the morning, we don’t have to choose, and everything is already pre- portioned out.  It is very simple to cook these, because I buy them in bulk and cook them in bulk. We hit up Sam’s Club to purchase these items with an approximate average cost/meal of less than $2 and under 300 calories. It takes approximately 20 minutes to prepare, cook, and portion out our meals on Sunday.

Our lunches usually consist of:

  • PROTEIN: 4 oz of Tilapia, Salmon, Chicken Breast, or Turkey Burgers
  • GREEN VEGETABLE: 1 cup of Broccoli, Green beans, Zucchini, Steamed Fresh Spinach or Kale (Sometimes it is a fresh veggie from our garden!!)
  • WHOLE GRAIN: 1/4 cup of whole wheat bread, quinoa, or old fashioned oatmeal

Making our lunches ahead of time has allowed my husband and I to eat healthy during our busy work day, know our caloric intake, and not stress about what we are going to eat for lunch. Not to mention, it saves us money!

I like to pride myself in knowing that I home cooked all of our lunches for the week. Almost every day at work, I have coworkers coming to me asking me what I am eating for lunch and they always tell me that they “Don’t have time to cook that” or “You eat too healthy.” I find myself being the only employee at my work that actually eats a homemade meal for lunch. Let me remind you that I am only 23 and I am surrounded by various generations of men. Most of their wives are unemployed or retired or are what was once dubbed a “homemaker”. They explain to me that their wives don’t have the time to make them lunches or even cook them dinner. My response? “I am 23. I work full time, go to school full time, have a toddler, a husband, 3 pets, blog for SKINNYMOM!!!, and am the Key Caller for our FRG, and I STILL find time to cook for my family.” NO EXCUSES!

**Please do not get me wrong. I LOVE how busy my life is. I MAKE my life this busy for a reason. I don’t expect nor need SYMPATHY! I love my life as an Army wife and would not change it for the world.**